Skill Tour

Transversal skills for sustainable
rural tourism in lagging areas of Europe

How to create a rural touristic business?

  • To research market’s key demographic, geographic, psychographic and behaviouristic characteristics.
  • To identify potential cusTomers.
  • To identify cusTomer’s preferences.
  • To identifying key trends in their market.
  • To use business direcTories, web searches, local knowledge and industry associations To research your competition.
  • To identify and forecast these expenses and revenues accurately.
  • To develop a strategy and an action plan.
  • To set priorities and targets.
  • What opportunities exist in your environment that you can benefit from?
  • Do you have a clear idea of what you are trying to sell and the location you plan to sell it from?
  • Who are your paying customersand how much do youknow about them?
  • Who are your existing or potential competitors?
  • Who are yours suppliers, support and business contacts?
  • Have you set out a clear plan to resource the business?
  • Did you made research for financing your business?  The most suitable financial package for development of your business will depends on; your business type, what you need the money for, your location, assets within the business.